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By Tristan Rhodes Posted 30 January 2017

Blog Migration

Blog Migration

To Jekyll!

Alright! The blog is migrated to Jekyll. It’s been a long time coming, (Mostly me hacking at the style until it looked right) and it feels good to have it done :)

The Why

Originally my blog was done using MicroBlog. I never made any posts…. the content never felt very portable, or easy to manage.

I discovered Jekyll by way of starting Ve’s company blog with a couple of web guys. It gave us the ability to combine branch management using git, with a VSO / Octopus deployment pipeline. While this may not be for everyone, I found it fit in really well with my style of working; pull requests for articles being merged into the main project, and staging used for editorial review before going live.


I’d like to thank Bartoz, Florian, and Ve Interactive for the basic paged jeckll paging blog implementation that I stripped down and re-styled.

Prior Posts

All posts prior to this are sourced from my posts on the VeInteractive tech blog

Tristan Rhodes
Tristan Rhodes